Sagittarius woman dating a scorpio male are you interested dating review

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Although they can be quite chummy and fun to be around, you are more likely to laugh at them rather than with them.

And, of course, if they have gone too far (as they often do) with their jokes, goofs or outright insults, it may be necessary to silence them for a while as you think of a just way to teach them one of your Plutonian lessons.

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One thing that makes a strong bond between you is that you will always return a favor in kind, and that you will never allow your integrity to be compromised.

A clever Sagittarius Man (and there are plenty of them) will recognize and appreciate this, because they are, essentially, idealists, and will never act purposely to lose someone's friendship.

Scorpio and Sagittarius can be an unusually hard relationship to make work, and complex enough that a small book could be written about it.

The low scores represent only the initial compatibility of this match.

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